Terms of Use
- Do not publish your own or others' personal information (names, email, phone, address, etc)
- Do not share or promote illegal content
- Do not attempt to disrupt the service of this website
- Almost all content is user-generated (usernames, messages, status)
- I distance myself from any anything that is not part of the core page layout.
- There is a profanity filter built in, but it cannot catch every possible derivation of words.
- Sadly trolls are unavoidable, but they tend to get bored quickly.
Privacy Information
- The app server does never request geolocation data from visitor IPs
- When you submit location data on your own, be aware that this is a privacy concern, as people can locate you (to some degree) based on distances alone. If you no longer want to share a certain location, change it.
- Any data submitted by you is only used for the purposes of making this app work (displaying text messages, showing a location marker on the maps, etc) and never shared with third parties.
Required Cookies
Session-ID: identifies your user agent so the app can link you to a guest account or signed in user (Login functionality)
CSRF-ID: ensures that any data sent in your name is actually sent by you.
Remember me (optional): Stores a value that can automatically log you in, if you checked "remember me" at your last login.
Understood, take me back
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