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Chat ded again? Join the Discord and meet the rest of us! Unlike this website, Discord has a lot of features like private messages, chatrooms, mediasharing, and voicechat. We are also trying to organize video gaming, roleplay gaming, and real life events :)
This website has an assistant for the roleplaying pen & paper game Quest. If you want to play with friends who you cannot meet in real life, feel free to use this tool to keep track of your characters. If you want to learn the game on your own, you can buy the official game book from the game's official website. If you are looking for someone to play with, message Holonaut on the Discord.
If you like what I do, consider a pledge on Patreon to show your support, it would help me to advertise the page to more people and rent a better server.
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Companion Ally
- Creating an app experience on mobile:
Open the page in your native browser (Chrome or Safari), then in the menu click "Add to Home Screen" and watch the magic happen.
- You can select different fonts and your own color in the account settings.
- To save battery on mobile, turn off sound (even if your phone is muted). It'll still drain quite a bit if you don't completely close the app, because it keeps requesting messages.
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